What is Your Mindset: #1 or #2?


2 mindsL

There seems to be two mindsets about health and healing. The First Mindset is: Fix Me when the patient wants somebody else to give them a pill, a shot, or an elixir that will make the pain disappear and their condition improve. The Second Mindset is: Educate and Guide Me where the patient wants the doctor or healer’s input, but ultimately wants to make the healing decisions for him or herself.
The First Mindset is understandable. As a society we have been kept in the dark about our bodies, our health and our options for many decades. We are accustomed to going to the doctor and walking out with a prescription to fix the issue at hand. Then along came the Internet and information abounded on every issue imaginable. We can Google our symptoms and receive opinions, diagnosis and even cures. Naturally this is both a blessing and a curse. In the hands of some, the information is helpful and guiding. In the hands of others it can lead to misdiagnosis, harm and even death.

The Second Mindset has evolved into clients with more of an acceptance of alternative medicine practices and non-traditional remedies. Many of these customs and bodies of knowledge are centuries old mind you, but they just seem new to our western culture. When a patient wants to be Educated and Guided, instead of “fixed,” a spirit of cooperation ensues between the physician, healer and client. The client assumes responsibility for their health and becomes a partner in their return to health and well being. As such, this type of person is open to combining traditional with alternative methods and understands that the mind and body are connected with the soul in the process of getting well.

When we look at how effective the Bach Flower Remedies can be in healing the body by transforming the mindset and replacing negatives with positives, we stand at the entrance to the future of all healing.

We can appreciate that every branch of medicine has its rightful place of honor and value in human healing. The Bach Flower Remedies assist us by correcting the thought patterns that may have been responsible for the illness in the first place. Unless there is a critical emergency, a broken limb, uncontrolled bleeding or a life-threatening situation, a trial with Bach Flower Remedies is an appropriate first step before running off to the doctor’s office in search of an immediate quick fix.

If we can slow down a bit, listen to our bodies, use The Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies as our internal GPS system, (actually it should be BPS: Body Positioning System) we might be able to heal ourselves by healing our minds and bringing about a return to harmony and balance within. I believe it’s worth a try and I encourage the thoughtful use of Bach Flower Remedies as a beginning for anyone who chooses natural healing.

The Mystery and Magic of How We Heal

SONY DSCThe central focus of all healing is to address the root cause of a situation or condition so that natural healing can emerge. In this century we have been trained to call the doctor whenever we have an ache or a pain. What if we dialed our inner healer instead and called upon our birthright for perfect health? What if we relied on ourselves and really knew that all healing comes from within and we trusted that idea completely? In a sense, we have to consciously get out of the way so healing can occur. Sometime we “over think” our condition, or we decide what it is or isn’t. By creating a mental diagnosis, we lock our minds into a picture that may or may not be true.

Symptoms are simply overt signs of something deeper causing an imbalance. Deeper levels always have subtle energetic components. When we alter “subtle energetic” imbalances, healthy levels of activity come back into their natural state of balance. This includes dis-ease in all of its forms: physical, mental, emotional, psychological and Spiritual. The best thing we can do for ourselves is shift into “neutral”, stay open and consider many possibilities and then release our attachment to our picture of what we think is true. If you stay open and refuse to label your condition you’re halfway healed because you’ve gotten your mind and your ego out of the way.

Consider that the basis of every state of mind and matter, including conditions of dis-ease or health, contains a vibration. This vibration rate can be shifted at any time. Bach Flower Remedies harvests the untainted vibration of the flower and infuses each remedy with this purity and balance. When we ingest the vibrations from these flowers, we invite healing. Our bodies respond to this vibration as healing energy and shifts the rate of vibration from one of dis-ease or disharmony to one of health, balance and homeostasis.

Your body knows intuitively more than you do. Let it do the work and turn yourself into it’s support team. Nurture your body’s healing process. Give it time. Nourish it with clean, fresh foods and get plenty of rest while your body is in the process of healing. Your body has an inner auto pilot that will surprise you with its magnificent power, if only you let it.

Our mind is a powerful thing. We can choose how we want to think and feel. Equally powerful are the Bach Flower Remedies. They are genuine, pure transmitters of goodness and healing. I can’t say enough about them except that it is time for them to dominate the world of health and balance. At least, give them a chance and see how your life can be transformed.