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I’ve been using, and telling my friends about, Bach Flowers for over 20 years. In my personal history I have helped myself with these remedies for migraine headaches, back pain, sadness, grief, loss, anxiety and intensity. They have continued to amaze me over the years and the Bach Flower Remedies are my “go to” solutions.  I love how gentle and safe they are. I love how they were created and I love how effective they have been in my life. I also use allopathic and homeopathic helpers in addition to Bach Flowers, but my first choice begins with Bach.

I have studied the remedies for decades.  I got the idea  to make them more accessible to the general public. I culled volumes of information and honed it down into this guide. I created the reference guide at the back of the book, which is the first of its kind, to pinpoint the cause of illness and assign a remedy.  I asked Amber Tenzin-Dolma, an artist who is brimming with inspiration and talent, to paint the flowers. She grew up using the Bach Flower Remedies so you know  I was preaching to the choir with this request. She sprang into action. Together, we created a quick guide and a short cut to make it easier for people to use the right remedy for the correct healing.

All it takes is some basic information and  personal intuition for anyone to be able to alleviate most of their common complaints.

Specifically, I created the easy  index in the back of the book so anyone can go right to the cause and select a remedy, or two, to ease the condition they are experiencing.

Before I phone my doctor, I trust myself and my own internal healing power and I use the remedies, first.

I believe the Bach Flower Remedies give us the gift of self-healing and ease our bodies into a gentle restoration of natural health.

I invite you to try these remedies, use my book to guide you and allow the results to unfold. You may be as delighted and amazed as I have been.

 Kac Young Bio:

The idea for Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies and the text was created and written by Kac Young, PhD, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Naturopathic Doctor. After years of study and experience with the Remedies, she believes these Essences are the future of all levels of healing and that they can be as effective and potent as we allow them to be.

Kac has written ten books on spirituality, healing and self improvement. She teaches, counsels, and leads workshops and retreats for those who wish to explore their personal and spiritual development.

Kac has loved Bach Flower Remedies for over 30 years and has successfully used them on her family and pets for decades. Her greatest desire is for everyone to have easy access to the Bach Flower Remedies and to be able to use them on the spot to heal, balance and improve their lives and the lives of others.

http://www.BachFlowersQuickGuide.com; http://www.spiritualgenius.com; http://www.fengshuispecialists.com; http://www.hearteasy.com; http://www.cheesedomepower.com


Amber Tenzin-Dolma Bio

Amber Tenzin-Dolma is a jewelry designer and artist and the youngest artist to publicly exhibit her paintings in Bath, UK. She is a strong advocate for Bach Flower Remedies, and painted the flowers for this book in the style of Georgia O’Keefe in order to illustrate their powerful healing effects.

Amber has used the Bach Flower Remedies all of her young life and knows, first hand, how powerful they can be.

Amber is the daughter of author and dog behavior practitioner Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, who is the creator of the Glastonbury Tarot, Natural Mandalas, Healing Mandalas, The Mandala Colouring Kit and The Celtic Mandala Colouring Kit.

For more information and more of Amber’s art and designs see her websites: http://www.ambertenzindolma.com and http://www.etsy.com/shop/AetherDesign.

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