How Bach Flower Remedies Work

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How Bach Remedies Work:

A few drops of the chosen Bach Flower Remedy in a glass of spring water, consumed several times a day, facilitates healing. When the life-force, held within the flower essence, comes into contact with the  energy of a human or an animal that is blocked, stagnant or unbalanced, it naturally and effortlessly dissolves, transmutes and raises the quality of that energy to the highest level the body, mind, and spirit can support. When the internal life force energy is raised and balanced in any living creature, harmony is achieved and happiness results.

In other words, the positive and pure vibration of the flower essence overrides the negative thoughts that create disease. It may happen overnight for you, or it may take a few weeks of ingesting the remedies for the transformation. The time and pattern of healing is individual. Dr. Bach dedicated his life to researching the exact essence that would be the remedy for a specific illness.

The Bach Flower Remedies work from the inside out. They work with our minds to create changes in our physical bodies – the ones we want to achieve.  Doctors and scientists still do know know the secret as to why the body heals. They only know that it does. Dr. Bach wanted to supply the body with a gentle motivation to cure itself and let healing unfold like a blossom. The 39  Bach Flower Remedies offer a banquet of opportunities for self-healing. The Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies provides the guide to this healing and a road map to self-cures.

Bach Flower Remedies can be used on humans and animals; they are non-toxic and the advantages can be transformational. The remedies are at the forefront of the emerging realm of mind-body healing and vibrational medicine in today’s world.

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