October at the Bach Centre U.K.

Mt. Vernon Entrance October was quite an amazing month. I spent some time at Rosslyn Castle just outside of Edinburgh (more about that next week) then took a train across the lush landscape of Scotland and England to visit the Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, UK.The entrance is welcoming and invites you to Mt. Vernon, Dr. Bach’s final home and gardens. As you walk up the pathway you really do feel like you are someplace special.The pathway is laden with bushes and flowers many of which were still in bloom mid-October. I have to admit that I had chills of excitement as I walked up closer to the house.
Dr. Bach's Gardens Off to the left side of the house are Dr. Bach’s gardens.
Water Violet Growing in the pond I looked into the pond and saw a marker for water violet.
Oh my! This was the real thing.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Directly across from the pond and water violet was another marker showing me Mimulus.
I was standing right where Dr. Bach grew and harvested the blossoms for his remedies!!!!
Flowers OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA More flowers, more plants, more herbs all around me. A light mist started to fall so I snapped some shots and looked for shelter while the moisture stopped.
Bach Centre front door sign On the front door there is this sign.
Bach Centre Courses Next to the front door is a sign for the students and the coursework which is taught in the building at the back of the Bach house.

The centre was alive with activity and it felt very special to be on the grounds.

Inside, I met with June King and Stefan Ball. The bookstore is filled with fabulous books and I couldn’t buy as many as I wanted to because of the baggage limits on Virgin Air. I bought as many as I thought I could reasonable carry, among those books were some written by Judy Howard and Stefan Ball.

June invited me to wander around the house and to spend time in Dr. Bach’s consultation room. The house maintained a sense of calm and peacefulness. Sitting in Dr. Bach’s study was a gift beyond belief. Hanging on the wall is a quote that Dr. Bach loved.

Quote Deep Peace of the Rushing Wave to youDeep peace of the Flowing Air to you

Deep peace of the Quite Earth to you

Deep Peace of the Shining Stars to you

Deep Peace of the Son of Peace to you.

Dr. Bach's Typewriter This is Dr. Bach’s typewriter.
Dr. Bach's Remedies The glass cabinet contained some of the original remedies.
Box of Dr. Bach's Remedies More of Dr. Bach’s remedies.

I sat for a few moments in his chair. I sat in the client chair. I opened myself to bring in whatever sense of peace Dr. Bach felt and imparted to his patients. For just a moment, I was transported back to the 1930’s and I felt completely in harmony with the time, the work and the man.

I don’t think you have to travel all the way to Mt. Vernon in the UK to share this feeling. The remedies bring about a sense of peace and harmony no matter what part of the world you are in. It’s true that I felt very in tune with the house and the garden and Dr. Bach’s study, but I return to that same feeling each time I use the remedies in my own back yard.

I will never forget how special it was to be in the place where genius lived and breathed. And I know in every little bottle lives harmony ready to emanate when those small drops join spring water to make a sip of tranquility.


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